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Why 2A Friendly?

2AFriendly helps legal gun owners respectfully consider the wishes of the businesses they come in contact with. With this app, millions of gun owners in the United States can easily report on the gun-friendliness of any business. Future gun owners visiting the business can know if they are welcome with their self-defense ability intact.

2A Friendly is based on the fact that gun owners are statistically more likely to obey laws and regulations, and typically make a concerted effort to avoid the places where the right to self-defense is not welcome; preferring to shop with the businesses who welcome legal carry.

I didn't receive my account activation email. What do I do?

First, make sure you registered with your correct email address. If you're not sure you typed in your email address correctly when you registered, you can check it by entering your email address into the username recovery form If it was correct, you should immediately get an email containing your registered username.

Other times the account activation email goes into your spam folder. If not found, use the contact link in the footer of this page to let us know and we will activate your account. Note that if you use a bogus or incorrectly-typed email address, we will not be able to activate your account.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

From the app, click on "My Account" then click on "Forgot." Alternatively, you can do that here.

How do I change my password?

You can do that here.

I forgot my username. How do I find it?

You can do that here.

How do I find businesses?

Just open the app, tap the round button and 2AFriendly will show the 20 closest businesses around you. If the place you're looking for does not appear among the closest results, you can search for it if it's in your general area.

How do I find places that aren't right around me?

You can move the map around by swiping and pinching to zoom. (This is easier if you enlarge the map first by swiping downward.) New locations will load, centered around the location you choose in the map. Alternatively, you can go here to search all ratings in any web browser.

How do I rate a business?

As you enter a business, check around the entrance for pro/anti gun signs. Alternatively, you can ask the business owner if they want legally-carried guns in their business or not, or you may know their stance based on a prior interaction. To rate, just click on the business listing and rate it Neutral, Un-Friendly, or Friendly. Premium +P app users (Android, iPhone) can leave a comment if they feel more detail is needed.

How do I know what rating to give a business?

Here are our basic guidelines for business ratings:

  • unfriendlyFRIENDLY - Legally OC (Open Carry) without hassle. Or perhaps if you OC, they might ask you to cover it up, but NOT ask you to leave. Or, you can legally CC (Conceal Carry) with no possibility of being asked to leave.
  • unfriendlyNEUTRAL - Unknown company policy on guns or zero company policy on guns. Legal to CC, but probably not permitted to OC even if legal.
  • unfriendlyUNFRIENDLY - No-guns sign on door (Gun Free Zone), or the company has stated they don't want armed customers in their store, or it's simply illegal to carry because of state or federal laws.

How can I leave a comment?

Premium +P users can leave comments with their business ratings. If you are using the Free version of the app, just upgrade it for a few bucks: (Android, iPhone).

How do I change or edit my rating?

Rarely, a rating will need changed - a business might get a new owner or make a new policy. In this case, just rate the business again and your old rating will be updated and brought to the top. If you have the Premium +P app, your comment will be updated as well.

How do I correct the rating of another user?

2AFriendly users make a determination about what rating a business should have based on personal experience, and as such, some ratings may be old or simply a mistake. Any incorrect rating can be corrected by adding a new, correct rating to the same business. The latest rating is considered the most fresh and so it determines the status.

What do the Facebook and Twitter Social Sharing switches do?

You can connect your 2AFriendly account to your Facebook or Twitter account. Once that has been done, you can automatically share your ratings if you turn one or both of these switches on.

Where do the business listings come from?

Business listings all come from Google Places for business. Our list is loaded from Google's database of businesses.

How do I remove a business listing?

We shows businesses that are listed in Google, making this is a Google support question. Go here to learn more.

Why aren't all businesses rated?

2AFriendly has about 90,000 buinesses rated. These ratings come from app users. The United States is a large place and people may not be using the app to rate these places in your area. Over time this will increase with participation, so share the app with your friends!

Can I add a business?

Not via the app itself. Since business listings come from Google Places for business, adding a business is typically the responsibility of the business owner and must be done via Google here.

What are points?

Points are a way to encourage participation. Over time we will create more detailed stats and leaderboards. Read more about points here.

How can I get rid of Ads?

The premium +P version has no ads, and the free version has been discontinued. If you still see ads in your app, download the +P version. (Android, iPhone)

Why does the "Rate" or "Search" page on 2AFriendly not work in my browser?

The "Rate" and "Search" pages on 2AFriendly.com both require modern browsers with Javascript enabled. Recommended browsers are the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer (8+). In addition, browser settings (like compatibility view in IE8) may disable all or some functionality on these pages.

State carry license/permits in my account: How are they used?

This is optional info, used only by the +P (Premium) app, which automatically detects state reciprocity based on your carry license(s), and gives you quick access to the state laws based on your current location.

In the account screen, you will see two places to select your carry permits. In the first selection box, select your home state permit. If you have a nonresident gun permit, such as the one issued from Utah, select it in the second selection box. If you do not have a secondary permit, then do not select anything there.


  • "OC" stands for "open carry" (carrying a gun in a non-concealed manner)
  • "CC" stands for "concealed carry" (carry a concealed weapon)
  • "CHP" stands for "concealed handgun permit" (A state permit granting the legal permission to carrying a concealed firearm)
  • "CCW" is mostly slang, intended to mean "carrying concealed weapon" (usually used as an alternate to the more correct "CHP")

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