iPhone and Android Apps Rack Up More Than 32 Thousand Ratings

July 22nd, 2013 - Proud to be making a difference in the Second Amendment debate, 2AFriendly has passed thirty-two thousand ratings less than 3 months after the release of the first 2AFriendly app. People all across the United States are standing up for their rights every day by rating businesses that support or oppose 2nd Amendment freedom.

2AFriendly offers a free Android app in addition to the free iOS app that was released in May of 2013. Each mobile operating system has a premium app that adds the ability to comment on the ratings. The 2AFriendly apps on both popular platforms feature the same easy-to-use, great looking touch interface that users want. With 2AFriendly, every person has the ability to search for and rate businesses anywhere in the country as Friendly, Neutral, or Unfriendly to their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms..

2AFriendly spokesman, Graham, speaks about the crowd sourcing activity. “Freedom of the individual citizen in this country largely depends on how we work together. The government and left-leaning groups use technology to suppress our natural rights, and gun owners in turn must use technology for the benefit of everyone.” Recently, an anti-gun app was released that invades the privacy and common sense of gun owners. "We respect property rights and the rights of the individual," said Graham, "In our opinion, businesses can be anti-gun if they want. All we try to do is to share their wish to a wider audience so that gun owners and proponents of human rights can spend their money elsewhere." also offers a new web-based search tool so that anyone can search for rated businesses by name, city, state, rating type; or any combination of those options. The ability to rate businesses directly from a web browser is in the works and coming soon. was founded in 2013 to give gun rights activists powerful, mobile tools in the cause of liberty. More information about the apps and community can be found at


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