Popular App Adds State Reciprocity Detector and Open Carry Flags

April 1, 2014 - 2AFriendly's releases the first state reciprocity detector built right into their mobile app. This detector combines a traveler's current location with their concealed carry permit or license information to create an innovative display of state laws and state reciprocity. The app knows which state the traveler is in and displays a simple, color-coded reciprocity indicator based on the user’s profile. Tapping the indicator brings up a summary of the state laws along with links to detailed information and a contact for state law enforcement.

"As gun owners, we thought it would be very convenient to travel with an app that will show us the laws of the state we’re in. Once we added the ability to instantly display reciprocity between states, we knew we had a winner. Many regular Americans carry firearms every day. They want to obey the law, and we know that our app will give them the peace of mind when crossing state borders."

Another great new feature of the app is the ability to mark a place as friendly to open carry. Though concealed carry is very common, open carry is also a popular and legal way to carry a firearm in many states as well as being a strong indicator of support for the second amendment. The free and premium 2AFriendly apps now allow a rating to include an open carry flag which is then reflected in in the business list across all of the apps.

According to Graham, "An OC endorsement offers one of the strongest pro-gun statements that a business can make. Allowing legal open carry in a place of business creates an environment of safety and it respects those who choose to exercise their second amendment rights."

2AFriendly offers a free Android app, a free iOS app, and a web app for desktop users. The premium app has no ads and includes the new reciprocity detector and the ability to comment on ratings. The 2AFriendly apps on both platforms feature the same easy-to-use, great looking touch interface that users want. With 2AFriendly, every person has the ability to search for and rate businesses anywhere in the country as Friendly, Neutral, or Unfriendly to their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. was founded in 2013 to give gun rights activists powerful, mobile tools in the cause of liberty. More information about the apps and community can be found at


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