Android Release, Business Search Tool With Map, and Surpassing 26 Thousand Ratings!

July 8th, 2013 - Less than 2 months after the release of 2AFriendly for iOS, 2AFriendly is proud to announce the Android version of 2AFriendly. In addition, to mark passing 26 thousand ratings, a new, interactive tool is now available on the website that allows anyone to search the rating database and view the results on a map.

2AFriendly now offers a free Android app in addition to the free iOS app that was released in May of 2013. The new Android app features the same simple and great looking touch interface that users expect. Both apps provide the ability to search for and rate businesses anywhere in the world as Friendly, Neutral, or Unfriendly. A premium app for each mobile operating system adds the ability to comment on the ratings. Because 2AFriendly relies on user ratings, each business rating is rewarded with points that can be used to enter prize drawings

2AFriendly spokesman, Graham, sheds light on the core of the 2AFriendly apps. “We designed these mobile apps and the website to use a shared database of ratings so that any rating added is immediately available to all other users. This is true crowd sourcing. Even though our apps are still new, we are very pleased to have over 26 thousand ratings spread across the United States. With such an easy to use tool, we expect the growth to continue.” also offers a brand new search tool so that anyone can search for rated businesses by name, city, state, rating type, or any combination of the options. Results are displayed on an easy-to-use interactive with colored flags and a popup with the business name. was founded in 2013 to give gun rights activists powerful, mobile tools in the cause of liberty. More information about the apps and community can be found at


For more information about 2AFriendly, please email Graham at