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NEWS: as of 8/23 we're dropp;ing the old free version, and making the +P version permanently FREE.

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Only $2.99 (FREE) gets you the Automatic Reciprocity Detector and State Laws guide. See where your License to Carry is accepted in one glance.

Open Carry Ratings

Whether you carry open or concealed, let others know the places that support your rights

It's your right

The right to carry is uniquely American.
Help fight for your 2A rights by spending your money only with those who support them.

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Swipe down to enlarge - pinch, scroll, and zoom with your fingers to find new places that support the 2A

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Easily find and rate 2A-supporting businesses right around you

Find and rate businesses who support Second Amendment rights.

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NOTICE: as of 8/23/16 we're dropping the old free app, and making the +P version with the extra features permanently FREE.

With this FREE app, you can stay aware of the gun-friendly businesses who support 2nd Amendment rights, and avoid the ones who don't.

Free apps available now on the iPhone and Android.

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